Finishing off . . . .

With all the doors and drawers painted, the hinges primered and sprayed, the door and drawer latches attached, the bench tops fitted, the fridge, sink and cooktop installed (we paid a plumber/gasfitter to do this and he gave us a safety certficate) and the splashback in place, it was time to bring our dear Annie back to life.

We had disconnected the 240 V lights and installed 12 volt boat lights in the ceiling (they are so cute).  While we are powered we will use pendant lighting that we've run along the seams and hooked to the wall with cord clips.  When we are unpowered we have a supply of battery operated LED push button and palm lights as well as the 12V ones.

We had a few issues with the dinette table.  Once installed, there wasn't enough space between the kitchen cabinet and the table for either of us to squeeze through to sit down, so Peter installed a runner system whereby the table could slide along the wall when we were using it and it could lock back into place when we were finished.

We are so pleased with the end result.

Boat lights and canvas wall art.

Touch release bench tops.  A must for preparing campsite feasts !