Three day weekend - Yay !

Finding somewhere that is quiet and allows dogs, is within 3 hrs drive from home and has a view and a water source close by (dog LOVES the water) is proving a challenge.

We are getting quite proficient at a camping "off the grid" so powered sites are not essential.  Lake Glenbawn was at the top of the list.


There are powered sites available here. There are hot showers and toilets. Depending on how remote you want to camp, you may have to drive couple of kms to the facilities. The only down side of this adventure was the lack of fresh water.  There are signs after you enter the park to say that the lake water which we assume is what is coming out of the taps (which are dotted all over the non powered areas) could be infected with blue green algae and not to drink it and if you want to take that leap of faith, boil it first.  Bugger !


Scone is only 15 minutes away so it was a case of set up and go buy water.



So . . . . where will be set up ?

Setting Up

Well this was fun . . . . NOT


Flat land out of the wind and semi shady was hard to find so we settled on a patch of weeds and dust (they need rain badly).  For a tiny caravan she has a big butt and manouvering her around and under the trees tested our patience.  The levelling ramps could not hold her on the rocky deline so we finished up at an angle. No drama, it makes the cutlery drawer and fridge easier to open !!

Don't you go anywhere now will you ?

Well this is rather pleasant

With our nearest neighbours 100m away, we had this corner of the world to ourselves.

The lady at the office had mentioned that they had a "comp" on this weekend and that it may get busy. We couldn't tell what sort of comp it was. The water got busy with ski boats and fishing boats but we were far from the madding crowds.  We could see them but not hear them. Claire found a little friend further around the lake to sneak off and play with and as night fell she met her first kangaroo. I've never seen her run so fast with her tail between her legs.



Home for the next 2 1/2 days

Did anyone see which way that fence paling went ?

"Days like this"

Feet up in a room with a view . . . .

We'll have a fire tonight . . . .

A Glenbawn Sunset

Dinner for two :)

Now that's what I call a kitchen window !

The Ensuite

"Be prepared" that's what my dad used to say. So we have been "prepared" for times like this when facilities are just a tad too far away. I had been using the apparatus during our stay and was keen to have my first shower in "the ensuite".


The shower bag was prepared.  It had been lying in the sun all day. Shane hung it up over the tree and it was all systems go when . . . . . . 3 cars and one boat full of young men pulled up just around the point from our campsite.  They were all clearly under the influence of alcohol and by the looks of the contents of their plastic shopping bags, combined with their colourful language and desire to "crack another coldie", they intended to party further and were there to stay. 


And that . . . . . was the end of me having a hot shower.


They did eventually leave, just as we were driving back from the shower block *sigh*


The ensuite will have to wait for our next camp "off the beaten track"