An Aussie Christmas

Annie is a true blue (and aqua) Aussie gal. I wanted to decorate her in her colours, but with an Aussie twist.  Nearly everything Christmassy is directed at snow and arctic conditions - yes I know that's where santa does his business but it's where he takes that business that matters most . . .  right ?


So off to Spotlight . . . .


I found some ready made bunting in pretty fabric depicting australian flora and fauna - perfect !

There was enough bunting in the panel to cover about 10 ft, but Annie is only 7 x 4. There were quite a few oranges, yellows and reds in the selection.  After I'd taken them away there was just enough blues and greens with a few reds thrown in to make a nice banner across the back wall.


After making the banner, I was kinda leaning towards the blue fabric with the birds on it.


I went online and sure enough there was fabric and it was ON SALE !!!!!  Not much left in stock anywhere so I grabbed 2 metres and it arrived 3 days later.  Thankyou Spotlight 🤩


2 metres was enough for 2 sets of curtains, a placemat/handtowel and a cushion.

Santa, kicking back with a cocktail . . . . .

Lights . . . Camera . . . Christmas

Theres' always room for tradition in a tiny caravan . . . . .

Who says you cant put the tree where the dinette table goes ?

And the table is set . . . .

Grown Up Christmas List

Smell that gingerbread . . . . .  Mmmmmm

Merry Christmas Annie

Happy New Year 2018

After the smoke had cleared . . . .

Not much for kicking up our heels and celebrating so we downsized into one tiny caravan.

Our own pyrotechnics display.  I actual lit sparklers inside the van and burnt 2 holes in a placemat (from the match not the sparkler) and nearly died of sulphur poisoning . . . . . not really, but Shane had his fingers ready to dial 000. The van smelled terrible for the next 24 hrs.  The things we do . . . .😲😥

Auld Lang Syne

Happy 2018