Jervis Bay

When Annie met Betty

The hunt was on again for a pet friendly park, powered (so Shane can watch television) 😙 on the water with clear views and not too crowded.  Big ask ?

Well this park ticked all the boxes.


We left home at 5.30am and made our way down to Bangalee, 40 mins from our final destination to meet with a fellow vintage caravan lover and her 13ft Sunliner "Betty". Don't they make a pretty pair 💋




Jervis Bay Holiday Park

Top spot

Great spot to set up.  There are 5 "premium" sites at the right waterfront area and 5A is the pick of the bunch. Nestled under the trees with no neighbours in front or beside us.  Annie doesn't weigh much so Shane was able to reverse her in and swing her around so she was facing the water. The other vans already in residence were side on.  Plenty of room for us to spread out and for Claire to run around (on a long leash) and with the tide high, twice a day we got in plenty of swimming and water play. 

BIG tree - tiny caravan

Gourmet food takes longer

I've never been one to be upstaged by a can of baked beans so meal preparation is a time for reflection (no its not 😲) it's a photo opportunity !  Even washing up is a joyous event.

Pancakes Glampin' Style

From a K9 Perspective

Claire just loved this place. Not long after we arrived, she dug herself a huge hole at the base of the tree directly in front of the van. It was her favourite spot to lie down, even in the rain. She had a river in front and a creek at the side that filled up on the high tide. If you dared to transverse this creek through the mangroves you ended up at a quaint little sandy beach. Park rules state that dogs must be kept under control and on a leash at all times.  When she wasn't knee deep in mud, or diving for a stick she was on a long tie out lead and had the run of the NO CAMPING reserve in front of us.

Low tide in a sink hole

Low tide

You can come inside if you want ?

Sunrise and a "Blood Moon"

Some beautiful sunrises over the river. On Tuesday night there was a very rare "Blood Moon" and Lunar eclipse. It was too cloudy in NSW to see much but the sunrise the next morning may have shown remnants of the night that was.

Sunrise over Currambene Creek

Good morning Jervis Bay - Would you like ducks with that ?

Can't predict the weather

Well we ticked all the boxes for the park, but unfortunately you can't book online to secure fine weather for your entire stay. The first 2 days were sunny and warm, the next three we dodged raindrops. On Thursday we went for a drive around Huskisson and Vincentia.  What a pretty place.

Jervis Bay Jetty - the river to the left flows to our tiny home.

Blenheim Beach . . . in the rain

Huskisson Beach. . . . Also ☔

Jervis Bay Marine Park

Photo Fun

I'm still getting the hang of my Nikon photo taker. A marvelous invention 🤪

Could there be a tinier caravan?

Sand Flies

This is my right leg . . . .

As lovely as this part of the world was, it did have a down side. All that sand and mud, all those mangroves with leaf litter covering the ground beneath my thonged feet attracted some nasty little gnats from the insect world. 


And didn't they just love me. 


I ended up with over 100 bites on my lower legs, arms, neck and shoulders.


I have since discovered that this park has a reputation for eating it's residents.