Mini Me and VW Kombi - Conversion



So it all started with a quick whip around KMart Xmas dept looking for some new decorations for Eugenie the Royal and then . . . . . this happened

Look what I bought today . . . . .


After purchasing this delightful work of art for $20, my thoughts immediately turned towards "how can I make this mine".  I couldn't wait to get it home.  Shane's response ?  "Not another caravan" ( I bet we all get that at some stage ).  I was straight into the garage with the most important question "have we got any white gloss spray paint?"


Of course we did.  Shane is a painter :)


And so it began . . . .

3 coats to cover the original paintwork


Day 2 - taping up for some colour and sparkle.  We seem to have an endless supply of blue and mint exterior gloss paint.  The can never seems to get any lower 🤭

More colour and finishing touches


I couldn't wait to get home from work and start again on my tiny project.  I even got up early in the morning to add a second coat on the mint stripe. 


The problem I did have was patience . . . . . The metallic silver spray paint took ages to dry and I kept forgetting this and would end up presssing yet another finger print into the bumper bar and the stoneguard panel.  I ended up using a fanned out stub of a tiny prush to give it the effect of the pitting on Annies stoneguard.  I was down to my last drop of paint in the can due to the patching up of my prints.

The Kombi


I was looking online for small hanging caravan decorations when I came upon a cute little Kombi ornament.  I popped into Big W the next day and couldn't find any but what I found in its place was the bigger version.  A Table Ornament !  They had 3 in stock, 2 of them were floor damaged but the 3rd one could be saved with a lick of paint and some TLC.  I was back at it again.  Out came the paint tins and because I had no more silver spray paint I purchased a silver oil based paint pen from Lincraft for $4.  It came in very handy.

Project Completed


So all up it took me about 2 weeks to do this mini reno.  It was so much fun and that paint pen was just the best for defining lines and also for touch ups as you can pump out a puddle of it and use a brush for filling in.


The Kombi needed a name.  No brainer.  "Jenny" was our family tortoishell catter who also like Annie spent 15 years with us.  Together again in different bodies but still in our hearts.

And we're glamping with the best of them :)

Before and After

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