Easter 2019

I decided that after having my new car (Kia Sportage Diesel) for 6 months that it was time I got a towbar fitted. Afterall I didn't choose this car to drive me around, I chose it to drive Annie around.  So many times I have wanted to go some place new and Shane has either been working or not well enough to make the trip at short notice.I found a new You Camp property close to home that was free for the Easter long weekend. Shane had other plans for the weekend so it would be just Claire and I. I was excited.  This would be my first time towing and setting up by myself.

So I booked the car in for the Saturday before Easter to have a towbar fitted.  We had only left the car for a few hours (they needed it for at least 6)when we received the bad news. Kia have not released a towbar for this model vehicle yet.  The recommend towbar by all accounts should have been suitable but there was a manufacturing date crossover on the part number and unfortunately it was only suitable for vehicles manufactured between Oct 2010 and May 2018. My car was also manufactured in May 2018.


So I wouldn't be towing Annie anywhere anytime soon but Shane agreed to take Annie and I out for a day over the Easter break and with that declaration, out came the box marked "Annie Easter"



Change of plans . . . .

With four days off over Easter and no concrete plans made I decided to put my holiday efforts into Eugenie.  With the cooler weather upon us its the perfect time to paint her exterior. The deal was that Shane would  paint her if I prepared her.

So with no time to waste, Shane agreed to take Annie to the beach for the morning as promised.  She attracted a lot of attention from beachgoers who had never seen an "Annie" before.

By afternoon tea time I was elbow deep in bleach giving Eugenie a much needed bath.