Guard dog on duty :)

A dip in the creek.

Three Days In The Country

This is our 3rd trip away to Bunyips Camp. It's close to home and offers just the right amount of serenity to recharge a lagging battery. 

Work was going to be slow for a few days so my boss ticked off 3 days annual leave. With 24 hours notice, the van was packed and Claire and I set off for the countryside. 

We were met by the 2 farm dogs Brown Paws and his brother Titon and 3 horses who are being cared for by the owners of Bunyips. 

The two ponds on the property were partially full but it has been a very dry year in NSW and the weed had grown over the water surface preventing Claire from swimming. However the creek  had running water and Claire spent about an hour diving for sticks and washing off the fresh horse manure she had so passionately rolled herself in. 

An Old Rocking Chair

I picked up an old worse for wear rocking chair off the street cleanup. It showed promise of a better life. So with new screws and lots of glue to fix it's old broken bones and a fresh coat of paint it was ready to begin it's new life and what place more perfect than alongside Annie on her trip away. 


Best seat in the house.

Surrounded by loveliness